For over 25 years, Energy Services and Products Corporation (ESPC) has benefited from an amazing group of individuals steering our course. Our executive team has a proven history of utilizing their considerable knowledge and experience to provide our clients with quality services and valued engineered solutions. Each team member shares the same commitment to serve our clients with a deliverable that always meets and often exceeds their highest expectations.

Tony Padilla

President & CEO

Tony founded Energy Services and Products Corporation (ESPC) in 1994. Tony’s passion has always been applying new technology to the production of goods and services. He worked for 18 years at Florida Power Corporation (now Duke Energy) as a mechanical engineer and manager of the research and development and new technology department. Tony served as a Principal for the clean energy and vehicle program at the University of South Florida (USF). Tony steered ESPC from a single person company involved in the application of new energy technologies to one now actively involved in communication system design, T&D engineering support to power utilities, energy system design and installation, and commercial construction. Among Tony’s accomplishments are the design and operation of the first plant for producing a liquid-solid mixture of fuels, and the adaptation of a 400MW plant to successfully test the fuel; the development (partnering with USF) of fast charging battery systems for the Department of Defense; the design and installation of the then largest solar PV installation in Florida; the installation of the then largest biomass gasification unit in the United States and adapting a power plant to burn biogas; and the operation of one of the first 29 fuel cell units produced for terrestrial applications (installed and operated at Disney World). Tony holds US patents on hybrid fuels, heat pipes, desulfurization technology, and transformer cooling and waste heat utilization. Tony graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Central Florida.

Bryan Bartlett

Vice President - CMDS

Bryan leads the Communications Mapping and Design Services (CMDS) Division. Bryan Joined ESPC as a drafter in 1998, and has gained invaluable experience in all facets of the GIS and telecommunications industry. In his 18 years with ESPC, Bryan’s drive, ingenuity, and performance propelled him to the top of the CMDS division. Under his leadership ESPC’s CMDS Division continues to steadily grow, while still offering the same intimate relationship to its clients that we have made our continuous goal to provide. Bryan holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science with emphasis on software development and information systems from the University of South Florida.​​

Gene Rasponi

Vice President -Technical Consulting

Gene joined ESPC in 2005 and earned the position of Vice President of the Technical Consulting Services Division in 2012. Gene and his team provide technical expertise and guidance in the identification, analysis, and resolution of complex line engineering problems to electrical utilities. They currently perform these services for the Duke Energy Florida Transmission Design Department. Prior to joining ESPC Gene worked at Florida Power Corporation and Florida Progress Corporation for 32 years. For his last 17 years he was the Senior Engineer-Transmission Design, responsible for the design of lines of 69kV to 500kV including estimating, cost control, scheduling, and development of drawings and specifications. Gene received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Central Florida.

Ron Alvarez

Director - Permitting Services

Ron is the Director of the Permitting Services Department. Ron has over 32 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. He uses his knowledge and experience to manage the Permitting staff who perform services that include right-of-way permits, railroad permits, strand mapping, pole make-ready and as-built mapping. Ron’s expertise allows him to effectively communicate with clients to meet their objectives. He routinely interfaces with multiple municipalities and numerous county and state agencies throughout the Greater Tampa Bay area and the State of Florida.

Cibil Felix

Director - Design

Cibil leads all drafting and design functions for the Communications Mapping and Design Services Division (CMDS). Cibil began his career at ESPC as a student in 2006, and due to his exemplary performance, he was brought on full time. In his tenure, Cibil’s drive, communication skills, problem solving ability, and leadership skills allowed him to move up to Director, Design of CMDS. His twelve years of experience in CATV, FTTX , and HFC network design are an asset to ESPC. Cibil received his B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Florida.