Technical Consulting

ESPC Provides Technical Consulting Services to our clients in  Electrical Utilities, Institutional, and Private Sector

We provide to our Electric utility clients technical expertise and guidance in the identification, analysis, and resolution of complex line engineering problems. This includes:​​

•Transmission line design engineering

•Preparation of technical reports

•Correspondence, documentation and sketches on defined line problems

•Preparation, cost and schedule estimates for the majority of new transmission line projects

We provide our  Construction clients with Value Engineering and Estimating services including:

•Assistance in determining their CIP and Renovation budget requirements. This determination assists our clients in the preparation of their annual budget and their five-year budget projections. Our efforts help minimize the over-under budget issues that occur if the dollar amount estimated for the completion of a project is too high or too low.

•Assistance during the bidding process to verify that the proposals submitted by contractors meet the requirements of an RFP or  an RFQ.

•Assistance with construction monitoring services. We make sure the appropriate progress is being achieved. We alert our client and work with the GC as soon as a potential delay or quality issue is identified. This may also serve as check prior to our client’s approval of progress pay applications.

•Assistance during and after Value Engineering meetings.

•Assistance in working with the AE during one or several phases of a project, inclusive of design, pre-construction, bidding, or construction and closeout.​​